Yes, I’ve traveled…now what?

Yes, I’ve Traveled…Now What?


Traveling is one of the best decisions I’ve ever done in my life. And I’m not exaggerating, when I say that. Not at all. Not even the slightest. It brought me closer to life. It exposed me to a whole new perspective of living. How we’re supposed to live life. How we should value the littlest things. It taught me to live life simply – just focusing all my energy to people and experiences that matter. How to shun away from all the drama and material things. Letting go of such superficial needs. And just live everyday with a grateful, positive heart.

You see, traveling is so liberating. I admit, I got addicted to it for quite sometime. Looking back, somehow, I believe it kept my sanity. It really did. I can’t imagine now how I would have coped up from all the pressures around me – societal norms, work status, relationships, etc. without allowing myself to step back a bit and live life from a different dimension, that is, traveling.

Yes, I’ve traveled…now what?
I’ve been to different cities and met so many interesting people along the journey. I made a lot of friends and I’ve learned massively from them during the process. And until now, I’m really grateful we still keep in touch. We’re always just a message away. It may not be the most ideal situation of keeping friends, I know. But somehow, it brings this level of comfort and confidence that I have people I can turn to, from the other side of the world. I can always ask for their advice and ideas everytime I wanted to do things that deviate from what the society dictates. From what my current job portrays.

This special bond and connection with like-minded people is just so comforting. It’s not everyday that you get to meet people who understand you deeply, the other side of you you never knew was there until you started traveling.

Yes, I’ve traveled…now what?
Now what? Yes, you’ve traveled a lot, I understand that. You made a lot of memories not everyone gets to experience everyday. You’re now able to see life from a totally different perspective. Good for you.

After all this traveling and life changing experiences, I ask you, now what? You go back to your normal life, go back to work, spend time with family and friends. Did your life really change? Are you now living the life you’re ought to live, based on your realisations? Were you able to sustain the friendships you’ve made with those encounters? Are they even meaningful friendships to begin with? Or just as functional and as fleeting as your travel moments?


Yes, I’ve traveled…now what?
Well, I’m not expecting my life will turn 360 degree after traveling, right. I will always have my work, my family and friends to go back to. These are the constant facets of my life. And it’s totally fine. I’m not asking to suddenly live a different life, the way they tell it in fairy tales. I’m too old for that.

The most important thing is, traveling has inspired me to be the best version of myself, always. And I’m back, more mature. With overflowing positivity to appreciate life and enjoy every bit of it. You see, I’ve become completely carefree. I’m no longer easily stressed out and overwhelmed than I used to be. I just have so much faith in life now, in the universe, and the bigger man out there.

I say, I gained beautiful memories, friends and precious life lessons from traveling. Things don’t always have to be tangible to prove you’ve become better in life.

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