Why Seoul Is Freaking Awesome!


Seoul, by far, is my most favorite place.  I’ve been there twice and I guess, I’ll keep going back! I just love everything about this city, its culture and its people.  Here’s why Seoul is freaking awesome…

1] Most fashionable and good-looking people.  K-Pop and K-Drama idols are so damn beautiful, I know. I did not, however,  expect the ordinary citizens to look the same. Really. To my surprise, I noticed that most Koreans are actually good-looking and have beautiful porcelain skin.

Even just in the subway, your eyes can feast with a lot of cute guys.  My friend even spotted a handsome palace guard in Gyeongbokgung Palace during the changing-of-the-guards ceremony.  Makes all the walking and sightseeing more pleasurable, right?!  And other random spotting like young policemen, servers, etc.  Ridiculous, yes, totally.

Also, everyone’s so fashionable – from their street look all the way to office OOTDs.  I’m like, how can these people be so gorgeous!  When I went there during winter, I noticed the way they dress is really striking.  You can see stunning yellow and hot pink winter coats – it’s like everyone’s updated with fashion trends.  Makes you think it’s the Paris of Asia.  Well, I’m not a fashion enthusiast or whatever to comment something like that.  Just thinking out loud.

Meanwhile in Tokyo, the Japanese are not that stylish – I noticed they only prefer safe colors, like black, grey and brown.  Most of them.  So there – I can say Koreans are the most fashionably gorgeous and attractive Asians, well at least for me.

2] Sumptuous street food everywhere. This – I enjoyed the most during my Seoul travel, and definitely the one I always miss and crave.  Street food in Seoul are really tasty and clean – not the dirty type you would normally think of because it’s being sold out in the streets.  Also, there are a lot of food choices to choose from, and most of them are healthy.  Another thing is, they are so affordable  – they normally range from 3,000 to 5,000 won,  you can actually skip the fancy restaurants to save some bucks.

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3] Koreans are kind and warm people.  Koreans are the nicest people and they are very helpful.  I remember I was going to Hanok Village via subway.  You see, most parts of Anguk station doesn’t have lifts, only stairs.  I had this big luggage that I was carrying up stairs.  An Ahjussi from my back surprised me – he carried it all the way to the exit (for a second, I thought I was being robbed).  That was really heartwarming. Not my first, though.  I already had several encounters with very good locals helping me out. This is one of the reasons why I love the city so much – its warm and hospitable people.


4] Public Wifi everywhere.  I’ve been to Singapore, Tokyo, and Shanghai and only Seoul has the fastest public wifi connection available just almost everywhere!  Believe me.  I thought all these top Asian cities have public  wifi connection which you can readily access.  To my surprise, only Seoul has it.  All the subway stations in the city have good connection. Even some of the areas like Bukchon Hanok Village has one.  You can actually survive exploring the metropolis without renting a wifi egg or buying a sim for that matter, just to have a data connection.  Another money-saver!

5] Always come in pairs. I don’t know if this is a valid observation but I noticed  Koreans always come in pairs or groups, but mostly in pairs.  A lot of Koreans go out as couples – even those that are still very young (or probably they just look young).  If you’re pretty observant, you can notice them from the subway stations to restaurants to streets to tourist destinations.  I remember, a Korean friend mentioned that they even spend Christmas holidays with lovers and not with the family, most of the time.  A very interesting culture.



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