Uobei’s Flying Sushi Experience!


When in Japan, I’m sure most people wouldn’t want to let their travel end, without trying an authentic sushi – me included.  It’s one of the most Japanese thing you can ever try, apart from eating authentic ramen, tempura or trying out a tea ceremony or watching a Sumo fight.

And I did not want to try just any other sushi. I wanted to personally experience the one I specifically saw on TV! The most efficient restaurant I’ve ever seen – Uobei Flying Sushi. No need for waiters to get and deliver your orders and your bill.

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When we finally found a branch in Shibuya, I was beyond excited! More to my surprise, the prices are really cheap! One order only costs 108 Yen.  But please…don’t expect an exquisite, delicate taste of sushi here. You only get what you’re paying for.  Nevertheless, for me, they serve really tasty sushi – one that’s value for money.

When we entered the small restaurant, I was observing the whole place, its customers and the touch screen in front of us when we seated ourselves in the corner.  I’m totally experiencing this, I thought to myself.  And I’m so loving it. I couldn’t just contain all the happiness inside me. I’m a foodie and I like experiencing new things, you see.


First thing I noticed was the train-type moving of sushi orders at high speed!  I had to shoot this for several takes as I couldn’t get the perfect timing – either the sushi already passed by me or when I’m waiting to take a video – they wouldn’t just show up. T__T

So, the customers are seated side by side in a long table – there are a lot of customers, mind you. Once seated, you’ll have a touch screen in front of you.  It’s multi-language, don’t worry.  From there, you can view the menu – it shows all the available sushi you can eat.   There’s actually a ton of variety, it’s absolutely a feast of sushi.

On the top, you have your chopsticks and cups.  There’s also a mini faucet in front of you so you can have your green tea. So cute! Everything you need is there already, you really wouldn’t need any servers to assist you.  But there are still staff, just so you know. In the screen, there’s a button to call out staff, in case you need anything else.

Once you have placed your order, you just need to wait for about 5 minutes!  That’s the longest, I think.  Waiting for my food was pretty much exciting and totally a unique experience!  Oh by the way – you can order only up to 3 plates at a time. You see, one ride can only accommodate 3 plates, as shown above. 🙂

To add, you can check your running bill in the touch screen, real time! Totally amazing.

In this restaurant, there’s no human interaction except in paying the bill at the end.  But I suppose, in the future, they will automate the payment as well.

So in a gist,  when eating in this restaurant – just go inside, have a seat, then place your orders via the touch screen and eat. Once you’re done, just check your bill in the touch screen then go to the cashier for payment. That’s it.  Very efficient.




Uobei’s Flying Sushi Experience!
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