Travel Korea | Travel Seoul [7 Day Itinerary]


Traveling to Seoul the 2nd time brings a lot of excitement in me. I’m just so happy that I’m going back!  My last trip was so short I was not able to visit much of Seoul and experience winter sonata in Nami Island.  Yes, in my bucket list, first Nami experience has to be winter. ♥ Anyway, we’ll be coming from Busan in this Seoul itinerary – still not sure if via bus or train.  We’ll be spending 3 days in Busan and 7 days in Seoul.  Soooo excited! 

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I always travel on a budget so I find cheap bookings for tickets and hotels.  I normally book cheap flights with AirAsia or, especially when they have seat sale.  Also, I check out value-for-money accommodations in Agoda or Airbnb.



Day 1 Travel Seoul

TIME Details
3:00 PM Hotel Check-in
5:00 PM Namsan N Seoul Tower
8:00 PM onwards Myeongdong


Day 2 Travel Seoul

TIME Details
6:00 AM Nami Island
1:00 PM Le Petite Prince
3:00 PM Gangchon Rail Bike Park
6:00 PM Garden of Morning Calm
9:00 PM Gwanghwamun
Cheongyoseon stream
Seoul City Center ice skating
11:00 PM onwards Hongdae night life (Exit 9)
Drink soju at street stalls (pojangmacha)


Day 3 Travel Seoul

TIME Details
6:00 AM Everland Theme Park
7:00 PM Gwangjang traditional market (Jongno 5 | Exit 7/8) Try drug/mayak kimbap
9:00 PM Dongdaemun gate (Exit 6/7)
10:00 PM Apparel malls 24-hr (Exit 8 | 5min walk)
11:00 PM onwards DDP history stn (Exit 1/2)


Day 4 Travel Seoul

TIME Details
7:00 AM Namdaemun market (Hoehyeon | Exit 3/5)
8:00 AM Sungnyemun gate (Exit 5)
9:00 AM Gyeongbokgung temple (Anguk stn | Exit 3)
11:00 AM Changdeokgung palace (Exit 3 | 5min walk)
Bukchon Hanok village (Exit3 | 10min walk)
Samcheongdong cafe street Anguk (Exit 2 | 15min walk)
3:00 PM Insadong Anguk  (Exit 6) Try Insadong chatjip – hanok teahouse
Jogyesa temple
Tapgol Park
Jongmyo shrine [japanese like]
7:00:00 PM onwards Itaewon [foreigners’ town] Itaewon special tourist zone (Exit 1/4)
Noryangjin Fish Market (Exit 1/2) Try King Crab
63 square/Hangang Park Yeouinarou (Exit 2) Try biking


Day 5 Travel Seoul


TIME Details
7:00 AM DMZ tour
6:00 PM onwards Gangnam
Bongeunsa temple (Exit 1)
Coex mall
Garosugil st (Sinsa stn Exit 8) O’sulloc Tea House – Green Tea desserts | SHOOPEN Shoe Store
Cheongdamdong Fashion st


Day 6 Travel Seoul

TIME Details
9:00 AM War Memorial (Samgakji Exit 12) | Near Itaewon
11:00 AM SM Town [Kpop] Samseong stn Exit 6 |Near Gangnam
2:00 PM Explore Hapjeong Stn
4:00 PM Ehwa Womens University (Exit 2/3) Try Chuncheonjip dakgalbi at Sinchon | Street Churro (behind Hyundai dept store)
7:00 PM Stroll around Hongdae Style Nanda (shopping)



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Day 7 Travel Seoul

All day free time to cater to your specific wants – if you’d like to go solo when strolling around Seoul or if you’d like to go shopping all day!  You can also try to go out of Seoul and explore the nearby areas like Incheon. There’s no ceiling! You can be spontaneous as much as you want. ♥  You may also want to insert in this itinerary, the infamous Cookin’ NANTA Show  🙂 Can’t wait? Travel Seoul now!


I’ve found a city tour bus to aid you in your sightseeing. You might like to check it out as well HERE.

You see, I’m a trash of DIY tours but to be honest, I also get tired and lazy with all the planning and researching. I’ve experienced this myself in Busan.  I didn’t have much time to plan and going out with the locals was also not an option back then for whatever reasons.  Lucky enough, joining a city tour bus which helped me just hop-on and off in the popular destinations saved my whole trip! Truly convenient and very flexible tour offer.



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4 thoughts on “Travel Korea | Travel Seoul [7 Day Itinerary]

  1. Hi,
    My family & I will travel to Seoul this December I find your blog very interesting & thank you for the idea. I would like to know if you arranged all visit to different places using a tour packages or b yourself /group.

    Thank you!

    from Manila, Phils.

    1. Hello! Thank you for the kind words!
      I just arranged everything by myself 🙂 I’m very keen to the places I would want to go to and experience, that’s why.
      This itinerary is a bit packed, I suggest you spread some across the days since you’re traveling with your family. 🙂
      It’d be winter so should be very cold – you’d easily get tired. Buy some hot packs in the convenience stores. They saved me during my visit!

      Hope you enjoy your vacation!

  2. Hi, I recently posted a question through Quora and got your reply real fast and full of details. So I was wondering if you could be of help for my project that I am doing, creating easier access and usability for foreign tourists. I’d really love to hear more from you because there are less input in Korea that I can learn from online and books.
    I did follow you facebook page MyQuirqySoul but there seems to be no access to message you and communicate. So I leave a comment here to ask you for this favor. I’d like to be part of something that could change and help tourist have a better and stable experience while they travel. I wish you could consider this.

    1. Hello! Sent you an email. I would love to help but currently a bit busy with work and some errands. I’ll email you once I’m free to do it. 🙂

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