Top 5 Shanghai Food Picks You Should Eat Now!


I’m a total bias of Korean food (well actually, anything Korean) but there are really good food as well in Shanghai.  Since China is so vast in terms of area, the diversity in its culture and food follows.  There’s a variety of food choices in this city.  However, you see, I’m not a fan of pork and beef so this list might be a bit limited.  Anyhow, I have listed down below the top 5 Shanghai food picks you should eat now!


1] Jia Jia Tang Bao’s Crab Xiao Long Bao

Top 5 Shanghai Food Picks You Should Eat Now!
The best crab Xiao Long Bao in town!!

This made it to my top one since I love crabs. I never really had a chance eating  Xiao Long Bao before because they are normally made of pork in the Philippines.  Eating my first in Shanghai felt pretty cool and special! Just writing this article, trying to reminisce the experience, really makes me salivate.

The taste is flavorful.  The one that’s not too strong that you’d easily get overwhelmed, you’d immediately reach a saturation point. No. It makes you want to eat more, it’s quite addicting! What makes it even more flavorful and interesting is that it comes with a ginger sauce (you can add some chili oil), where you can dip it. Totally a killer. Now I’m drooling!

The mix of good flavors and spices will explode in your mouth! Okay, I went overboard with that.  The point is, it really tastes good!  This crab xiao long bao is definitely worth every penny in your pocket. It’s quite expensive as compared to pork xiao long bao, you know.  Nevertheless, it’s my favorite so far in Shanghai.  It left a very good lasting impression to me.

Eating Xiao Long Bao is actually very challenging. You need to be careful not to tear up the skin and spill the soup inside! But it’s what makes all the eating more satisfying.

You should definitely try this Crab Xiao Long Bao at Jia Jia Tang Bao.  The long queue everyday just proves it’s worth checking out.

Location: 90 Huanghe Rd, Huangpu Qu, Shanghai Shi, China, 200000

Nearest Metro Station: People’s Square Line 2


2] Lijiang Fish Hotpot

Top 5 Shanghai Food Picks You Should Eat Now!

This one is pretty interesting, well, at least to me.  And I mean not only the taste of the food but the way it’s presented and served.

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So, we have this big pot of fish stock at the center of the table.  All the necessary ingredients  that you need to cook in the pot are served one at a time –  they look ridiculously cute, it’s actually entertaining.  I remember a heart shaped one with flower petals on the side, which I thought, was some kind of an appetizer or dessert.  Then our friend, Cheryl, told me it’s minced prawn – you have to shape it in balls and put them in the pot.  It was so enticing and deceiving, I could have eaten it if I didn’t ask first what it was.

Top 5 Shanghai Food Picks You Should Eat Now!

One by one, all the ingredients came with unique presentation.  Pork meat arranged to look like flowers sprinkled with rose petals (I think), rolled bean curd, a whole array of mushrooms (it was my first time seeing most of them), vegetables, and my favorite – the fish which was astonishingly thinly cut into several pieces. You just have to dip it for about 5 seconds in the pot and it’s cooked already – that’s how thin it was cut.  Quite impressive, right?

The pile of food being served was just overwhelming.  It was an amazing experience.  My favorites are the fish, bean curd and the prawns.

Location: 6F 258 Nan Jing Xi Lu, NanJing XiLu, Huangpu Qu, Shanghai Shi, China, 200000

Nearest Metro Station: People’s Square Line 2


3] Xibei You Mian Cun’s Barbecue Fish with Shallot

Top 5 Shanghai Food Picks You Should Eat Now!

This one is also very delicious and tasty.  I remember, I was really craving for rice meals during the time when we ate in this restaurant.  To my delight, there’s a grilled fish in the menu which looked really promising – my eyes are just very keen to anything fish/seafood, it’s the first thing I noticed.  Fish plus rice sounded like I won the lottery, I was so excited!

The fish really tasted very good and you can easily tell it’s fresh.  It’s served in a stove (for a second, it felt very Korean), more of like a sizzling plate of big fish.  Plus, they had this spicy condiment which I poured all over it to add some flavors.  You see, I’m pretty experimental when it comes to condiments.

Our friend, Jennifer, mentioned that the chef of the restaurant is quite famous – no doubt why the food tasted really great.

Location: Hongxin Plaza, West Wing,  5/F, 762 Tianshan Lu, near Gubei Lu


4] Yershari Xinjiang Food’s Milky Rice

Top 5 Shanghai Food Picks You Should Eat Now!

Awww this one brings a refreshing memory to me.  I was also craving for rice back then, that’s why we ordered this apart from plain rice. Now that I’m writing about it, I noticed how much I craved for rice!  I guess I missed it every single day that I was in Shanghai.

This milky rice felt similar to champorado (chocoloate rice porridge Filipino dish), only that it’s creamier, sweeter and super milky.  The looks of it tells you everything – super white and super enticing! ♥  Not deceiving at all.  It’s good inside out.

At first, I thought it can go with viands just like your typical plain rice, only that it’s flavored – with milk!  I’m always clueless, you can say that.  Little did I know it’s somewhat an appetizer.  It was so delicious we had to order additional bowls of it.

Location: 号 -48, 44 Xiangcheng Rd, Pudong, Shanghai, China, 200122

Nearest Metro Station: Lujiazui Line 2


5] Panda Cheese Tart

Top 5 Shanghai Food Picks You Should Eat Now!

How can I forget this one!?  Literally, I forgot to include this (I’m just inserting this right now!).  Good thing, I browsed the pictures of this Shanghai trip and my FB post – I mentioned this as one of the highlights of the day together with the Crab Xiao Long Bao.  Haha. Forgetful me!

So how did we stumble upon this very delectable panda cheese tart?  We were roaming around Tianzifang and we saw this food stall with a long queue –  my annoyingly beautiful, always-curious brain instantly thought we should try it.  You see, long queues equate to good food! It’s an autopilot.

When the man handed the box to us, he also handed out plastic spoons.  I was disoriented.

Then when we were already eating the cheese tart, one bite and we noticed the cheese inside was in liquid form.  So that’s what the spoon was for!  It was sooo yummy and totally a unique food experience – spooning a cheese tart.  It’s like eating a banana with a fork. For me, its one of a kind.  And my first.

Location: Tianzifang

Nearest Metro Station: Dapuqiao Line 9

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