Top 5 Fun Things To Do In Tokyo!


First time to travel in Tokyo and totally clueless on what to do? You’ll never regret when you try and experience these top 5 fun things to do in Tokyo! 🙂

Uobei Sushi Restaurant - Top 5 Fun Things To Do in Tokyo!
Uobei Sushi Restaurant [Shibuya, Tokyo]

Try Japan’s Uobei Flying Sushi Restaurant!

This is one of my favorites in my Tokyo travel. I’m so in love with this Sushi restaurant – it’s so efficient!! Plus, it’s cheap! I think this is the cheapest restaurant we tried. The simple sushi only costs 108 Yen! And the sushi tasted really well – not the expensive, exquisite taste though but it’s delicious, a value for money deal.

Now, you place your orders via the touch screen (don’t panic, it’s multi-language) – it shows all the types of sushi (it even shows you if it’s still available or sold out already), and you just have to click the picture. In less than 5 mins, your order will arrive (high-speed delivery), right in front of you! You can order as much as you want, and you can always check your bill real time in the touch screen! Totally amazing!

Disney Sea - Top 5 Fun Things To Do in Tokyo!
Disney Sea Tokyo, Japan

Always find time to nurture the child in you! Go to Disney Sea! 

Really could not emphasize this more! Everyone of us has an inner child, most of the adults nowadays forget. It’s one big chunk a reason why most of us, adults, are miserable! We’re so focused on how to be adults that we forget how to be childlike – how to enjoy life in simplicity, the way a child looks at the world.

So much of my preaching…anyway, so yes, go to Disney sea! Yes, Disney Sea! You know, Disneyland is so mainstream (you can find it in almost all the big cities in the world), we’d like to experience a bit more of what’s not usual. Look, we only have 2 Disney sea in the globe (as far as I know), one in US, one in Japan. How cool is that? 🙂

Akihabara - Top 5 Fun Things To Do in Tokyo!
Cat cafe in Akihabara, Tokyo

Experience Akihabara – Tokyo’s biggest and most bustling electronics and anime culture district!

When in Tokyo, don’t ever skip this place! Akiba is one of the most interesting districts of Tokyo – it pretty much represents why Japan is Japan. It’s beyond words, you have to physically experience its atmosphere. From Anime stores to arcade game stations to strange cafes – Maids cafe, Cat cafe, owl cafe, and all other cafe’s you can think of, I think they have them all here!

Also, the place has a very upbeat, lively and colorful mood. This is the place where people are so unique, I think, or probably I’m just not used to their culture. The feeling is, it’s as if you entered a whole new dimension (or maybe watching anime got the best of me, whatever) you kinda feel lost and disoriented. Haha. I don’t know, maybe the foreign atmosphere was just too strong for me.

National Art center - Top 5 Fun Things To Do in Tokyo!
Roponggi National Art center

Visit Roponggi National Art Center! ♥

If you love art, or if you just want to at least awaken the single, artistic cell in your body, going here is definitely a must! The building itself is an art already! The ambiance is fantastic! When I went here, it’s as if I was also an Art student admiring all the art pieces in the exhibit (fantasies..sorry).

Have read that this place has the biggest exhibition space in Japan. Also, if you know the very famous Japanese animated movie, “Kimi No Na Wa” (Your Name), the cafe depicted in this picture, appeared in one of the scenes. ♥

Yoyogi Park - Top 5 Fun Things To Do in Tokyo!
Yoyogi Park in Shibuya, Tokyo

Find your inner peace in Yoyogi Park!

If you’re a nature lover, you’d love this place! The atmosphere is so tranquil and the area is so vast, even if there are other tourists, you can still spot an area where you can just sit and relax quietly. This park definitely provides you a quick escape from the hustle and bustle of Tokyo. I was totally impressed that this area is so well-maintained – I could not even see any strayed dried leaves along the pathways, they are all delicately stationed in the inner grounds.

If you’re the type of person who thrives in pausing for a moment before you re-engage with reality, you should go here. Trust me, you’d get that zen feel from this place. 🙂

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