Tokyo [4 Day Itinerary]


Here’s my 4-day itinerary for Tokyo – I made it very detailed because it’s one of the requirements in getting a tourist visa.  By the way, I had my visa processed by Discovery Tour Inc, with no sweat! 🙂

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Day 1

District TIME Category Details
Manila to Tokyo 10:35 AM Arrival at Narita Airport
Shibuya 11:35 AM Hotel Check-in
Harajuku 12:00 PM Food & Drink/
Takeshita Dori
2:00 PM Sightseeing Meiji shrine [6AM – 4PM]
3:00 PM Sightseeing Yoyogi park
3:30 PM Food & Drink Omotesando Koffee
Shinjuku  4:00 PM Sightseeing Hanazono Shrine [5-17-3 Shinjuku]
5:00 PM Sightseeing Shinjuku National Garden [11 Naitomachi, Shinjuku]
6:00 PM Activity Taito Station – Arcade/Photo booth [ 3-35-8 Shinjuku]
7:00 PM Food & Drink Kappo Nakajima [Nichihara Bldg B1F, 5-32-5 Shinjuku]
8:30 PM Shopping Don Quixote – 24 hours [1-16-5 Kabukicho, Shinjuku]
10:00 PM Sightseeing Robot resto [Robot bldg B2F, 1-7-1 Kabukicho]
10:30 PM Food & Drink Omoide Yokocho [Piss Alley]
11:30 PM Food & Drink/
Golden Gai [1 Kabukicho, Shinjuku]- Champion bar
Shibuya 12:00 AM Back to Hotel


Day 2

District TIME Category Details
Shibuya 8:00 AM Departure from Hotel
Akihabara 9:00 AM Food & Drink Gundam Café/Maid Café
10:00 AM Shopping/
Strolling in Akiba [Yodobashi, Mandarake/Tokyo Anime Center, Kanda Myojin Shrine]
Asakusa 1:00 PM Sightseeing Sensoji temple [6AM – 5PM]
2:00 PM Food & Drink/
Nakamise Dori [10 AM – 5PM]
3:00 PM Sightseeing Sumida River
4:00 PM Food & Drink Daikokuya Tempura [1-38-10 Asakusa, Taiko-li]
6:00 PM Shopping Daiso shopping
7:00 PM Sightseeing Sky Tree [8AM – 10PM]
Shibuya 9:00 PM Food & Drink Ichiran Ramen
10:00 PM Sightseeing Hachiko Statue
10:30 PM Sightseeing Shibuya crossing
11:00 PM Food & Drink/
Nonbei Yokocho [Drunkard’s alley]
12:00 AM Back to Hotel


Day 3

District TIME Category Details
Shibuya 7:00 AM Departure from Hotel
Shinkiba 8:00 AM Activity Disney Sea [8AM – 10PM]
Ginza 6:00 PM Activity Komparu-yu onsen [8-7-5 Ginza, Chuo-ku]
7:00 PM Shopping Chuo Dori [Uniqlo, Hakuhinkan Toy Park (8-8-11 Ginza, Chuo-ku), Tokyu Hands @ Marronnier Gate]
9:30 PM Shopping Mitsukoshi [depachika]
10:30 PM Sightseeing Hamarikyu Gardens [Hamarikyu Teien, Chuo-ku]
11:00 PM Food & Drink Yurakucho area
Shibuya 12:00 AM Back to Hotel


Day 4

District TIME Category Details
Shibuya 8:00 AM Departure from Hotel
Tsukiji 9:00 AM Food & Drink/
Tsukiji outer market [9AM – 2PM]
Tokyo 12:00 PM Food & Drink Eki-Ben [Lunch Boxes]
12:30 PM Food & Drink/
Ramen Street/Character Street
1:00 PM Sightseeing Imperial Palace
Akasaka 2:00 PM Sightseeing Senbon Inari at Sannou Inari Shrine [Torii gate]
3:00 PM Food & Drink Ninja Akasaka
Roponggi 4:00 PM Shopping Stroll around the area [Gonpachi resto, Roponggi hills]
Shibuya 7:00 PM Food & Drink Uobei -Shibuya Dogenzaka [1F The 6th Central Bld.2-29-11 Dogenzaka]
9:00 PM Shopping Free time
11:00 PM Back to Hotel


I’ve found a city tour bus to aid you in your sightseeing. You might like to check it out as well HERE.

You see, I’m a trash of DIY tours but to be honest, I also get tired and lazy with all the planning and researching. I’ve experienced this myself when I was in Busan.  I didn’t have much time to plan and going out with the locals was also not an option back then for whatever reasons.  Lucky enough, joining a city tour bus which helped me just hop-on and off in the popular destinations saved my whole trip! Truly convenient and very flexible tour offer.

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Tokyo [4 Day Itinerary]
Here's my 4-day itinerary for Tokyo - I made it very detailed because it's one of the requirements in getting[...]

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