Singapore | 3 Day Itinerary


I intentionally did not prepare a detailed itinerary for Singapore since I knew it’s a small place compared to Seoul, Korea.  You can totally check out the whole area in a day, well, without shopping of course!

Day 1

  1.  Universal Studios [Whole Day]
  2.  Esplanade [Dinner at the infamous Makansutra]
  3.  Marina Bay Sands [Strolling/Sightseeing]
  4.  Clarke Quay [Late night drinks/chats/Nightlife]

Day 2

  1. Sentosa Island [Whole Day] Get your discounted Fun Pass!
  2. Singapore Flyer [night view!]

Before I forget, you may also want to get this cable car pass.  This was one of the things I wanted to do when we were there but my sister was just too scared to ride it. Sad, I know. It would have been so much fun, for sure! Next time, yeah.

Day 3

  1.  Chinatown [Shopping and Foodtrip]
  2.  Buddha Tooth Relic
  3.  Merlion [Sightseeing]
  4.  Gardens by the Bay [Sightseeing]


I’ve found a city tour bus to aid you in your sightseeing. You might want to check it out as well HERE.

You see, I’m a trash of DIY tours but to be honest, I also get tired and lazy with all the planning and researching. I’ve experienced this myself when I was in Busan.  I didn’t have much time to plan and going out with the locals was also not an option back then for whatever reasons.  Lucky enough, joining a city tour bus which helped me just hop-on and off in the popular destinations saved my whole trip! Truly convenient and very flexible tour offer.

Singapore | 3 Day Itinerary
I intentionally did not prepare a detailed itinerary for Singapore since I knew it's a small place compared to Seoul,[...]
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