Plane To Busan! [3 Day Itinerary]


Woohooo! I’m going back to South Korea this first month of 2017!!!  Yes, it’s been a year since my first solo trip to Seoul.  So happy I’d be able to go back and experience more of its culture, lifestyle and of course the FOOD! 🙂

This time, I’ll be staying for 10 days! ♥  By the way, Busan is our point of entry and we will exit Seoul via Incheon.  Listed below are some of the activities that I’m sooo looking forward to experience!  Check out this Busan 3 Day itinerary!

P.S. I’m soo excited as well how it feels like to be in the beach during winter.  Here in the Philippines, we can only experience summer beach – it’s time to check out winter beach! ♥  Not your typical kind of bucket list, eh?! 🙂

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I always travel on a budget so I find cheap bookings for tickets and hotels.  I normally book cheap flights with AirAsia or Cebupacific, especially when they have seat sale.  Also, I check out value-for-money accommodations in Agoda or Airbnb.


Day 1

TIME Details
9:00 PM Airport Arrival
10:00 PM Hotel Arrival [free time in Haeundae]


Day 2

TIME Details
6:00 AM Hotel to Busan Stn
7:00 AM Busan Stn to Oryukdo (Bus 27)
8:00 AM Oryukdo Island
10:00 AM Back to Busan Stn
11:00 AM Shanghai Street/Yeongdodaegyo bridge (Nampo stn exit 8)
12:00 PM Jagalchi fish market (exit 10)
Gukje market (exit7)
BIFF square (exit 7)
2:00 PM Gamcheon cultural village (Toseong stn exit 6)
3:00 PM Nampo stn to Taejeongdae (Nampo stn exit 6 Bus 88 or 101)
4:00 PM Taejeongdae Resort Park
7:00 PM Back to Gwangan Stn
8:00 PM Gwanggali beach (dinner – exit 3,5)
9:00 PM Free time


Day 3

TIME Details
6:00 AM Hotel to Beomeosa Stn (exit 5)
7:00 AM Seokbulsa/Beomeosa temple/Mountain hike
10:00 AM Back to Seomyeon Stn
11:00 AM Seomyeon eatery alley (exit 1)
1:00 PM Jeonpo Cafe st (exit 6)
2:00 PM Haedong Yonggungsa temple (Jangsan stn exit 7 – bus 7 – 10min walk)
Jukseong catholic church (exit 7)
5:00:00 PM
Free time – Centum City Stn
Shinsegae (dept store, spa)/Lotte
Busan cinema center exit 12


I’ve found a city tour bus to aid you in your sightseeing. You might like to check it out as well HERE.

You see, I’m a trash of DIY tours but to be honest, I also get tired and lazy with all the planning and researching. I’ve experienced this myself in Busan itself.  I didn’t have much time to plan and going out with the locals was also not an option back then for whatever reasons.  Lucky enough, joining a city tour bus which helped me just hop-on and off in the popular destinations saved my whole trip! Truly convenient and very flexible tour offer.

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