Get Yourself A Spouse In Shanghai, Spend A Day In A Marriage Market!


Single? And looking for your THE ONE for the longest time? Don’t fret! Check out this MARRIAGE MARKET in China! Maybe he’s in Shanghai all this time!

I know, I know, that sounds massively strange and ridiculous to digest. Who would have thought it’s even a thing, right? Well, not for these Shanghainese parents participating in the market.

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When I went to Shanghai, I was totally blown away when I found out there’s this called marriage market. I was like, c’mon seriously? Not that I’m excited to check out the guys there. I just couldn’t believe such a market exists.  The idea of shopping for guys (first impression, my bad) was unbelievable. I should have known sooner! Kidding.


Well, surprisingly, my Shanghainese friend confirmed the marriage market really exists. It’s being held every weekend from noon to 5PM in People’s Park. Now, the ever curious soul in me already decided to include it in my itinerary. So when my Shanghainese friend offered to tour us around, I insisted we go to this marriage market. I was just so curious. And I didn’t know what I should expect, making me want to see it more with my own eyes.


When we got there, the crowd was insane. It’s like they’re queueing for concert tickets! Still an understatement, though.

‘This market is famous,’ I thought to myself.

When we got closer, however, the crowd was packed with old people! I was confused.

Ahhhh, must be the parents. I walked in half-hearted.

You see, I was hoping to see a parade of handsome young men and beautiful women. Turns out, the marriage market is where the parents advertise the qualifications of their children so they can find a suitable match for them. They hold a piece of paper where the age, job, height, weight, salary, etc. are all written down. They either hold the paper themselves or stick those slogans to an open umbrella, all lined up.


It was a bit disorienting, to be honest. It took me a while to digest everything that was going on. It’s like an old-fashioned Tinder but in this case, it’s an interaction between parents setting up blind dates for their children. How amusing.

Salute and respect to all those parents who just want the best for their children. Really a one-of-a-kind experience for me.

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