Get Your Japan Tourist Visa In 3 Days!


Process it fast!

I submitted visa requirements for my Japan travel just recently this December 19 and the staff of Discovery Tour Inc. said processing takes 5 to 7 days.  However,  after verifying all of my documents, she told me to try calling them on the 22nd to check just in case my visa is already available for pick up.  Then when I already got my visa, I noticed that the issue date was December 20, which only took ONE day to get approved! Cool, right?

You can check their site here

Just a note, walk-ins submitted directly to Japan embassy are free of charge.  For my 1-day visa processing c/o Discovery Tour Inc., I only paid Php800.

Now let’s check the visa requirements for tourists:

  1. Passport [include your old passport if you have been to several countries already]
  2. Application form [A4 size only]
  3. Photo [4.5 cm * 4.5 cm, white background]
  4. NSO birth certificate [original]
  5. Itinerary
  6. Bank certificate [original]
  7. ITR [copy]
  8. Marriage contract, if any [original]

It’d be better if you have a checklist of the requirements which you can easily tick off once you’re done.  I personally just use the default notepad in my phone – the important thing is that the items can be listed with a check box.  This ensures that everything’s organized and complete  and won’t cost you any stress especially when you’re naturally a forgetful person like me! 🙂


From my experience, it’s easier to get a Japan visa than a Korean visa most probably because of the following:

  • Filling out the form 
    • Japan – simple and short [asks only few details]
    • Korea – lengthy and has many fields  to fill out
  • Bank certificate
    • Japan – only requires your latest ending balance which is the standard form of any bank certificate.  You can request and claim it within the day with your bank.
    • Korea – requires both ending balance and ADB which in my bank’s case, is a special request and I have to wait 3-5 banking days before I can claim it.
  • Additional requirements of the Korean embassy
    • Certificate of employment
    • Bank statements [last 3 months]
  • Walk-in vs via a trusted Agency
    • Japan – I submitted requirements via an agency [very convenient since their office is just near my workplace and there’s no long queue]
    • Korea – I submitted directly to the Korean embassy [located in McKinley Taguig], they only accept submissions until 11AM and the place has long queues]


Once you have completed all the requirements, either submit it to an agency or directly to the embassy.

Just submit what’s needed 🙂


P.S. I believe there’s a higher probability of your visa getting approved, if you have the ff:

  1. Passport stamps/visa of other countries you have visited which show that you always go back to your home country after your tours
  2. Good amount of bank balance to show you can afford your tour expenses. I think a Php10,000 daily allowance will suffice – so if you’ll stay there for 5 days, I suppose Php50,000 is good enough
  3. A stable job which will prove you’ll definitely go back to your home country [reflected in ITR]

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