My First Hanok Experience! | Staying In A Korean Traditional House!


When I first went to Seoul, I was already eyeing to stay in a Hanok place (Korean traditional house) around Bukchon Hanok Village.  But since it was an epic fail booking ( only 2 days to explore the metropolis), I was not able to do so.

You see, I have a thing for vintage, old-world atmosphere especially if they co-exist with an urban area.  It makes the city more interesting and less suffocating.   When I had a chance to visit Seoul for the second time, I was planning to get to experience it for real this time, even for just a day.  So when I booked our accommodation, I intentionally left my last night.  The group would be leaving on the 28th of January but me and a friend would be leaving not until the day after.  So that was perfect!  I could save it for my first Hanok experience! ♥

It’s already a few days before our flight to Busan and I still wouldn’t book my last night. Stubborn me! I was waiting for a surprise, from whom I didn’t know.  Haha,  I was having this strong feeling we’ll get to experience something really awesome.  I know, I’m such a trash of spontaneity, you can say that.  The mere idea of not planning anything – what to do, where to eat, where to spend the night, for a day, excites me a lot!.

Coincidentally, I happened to stumble upon Mr Kim (the owner of Potluck Stay) in Couchsurfing.  He messaged me I think 4 days before our flight and introduced me to Potluck Stay.  He offered a free accommodation in a Hanok.  I was stunned with disbelief. I was like, no way! This is too good to be true!  But even before I could rationalize, my soul already left my sanity – all pumped up with excitement.

My First Hanok Experience! | Staying in a Korean Traditional House!
Super comfy bed, I wouldn’t want to get up!

I was hesitant at first (like the first few minutes) since I still don’t have the guts to trust and explore doing Couchsurfing.  I only use the app to make friends with locals who can generously offer free tours, you know.  However, my instincts that time told me to try it for once, since Mr Kim seemed warm and a good person.  Also, his Potluck Stay is pretty legit – of course I checked it out first.

I stayed there for 2 nights for free.  I was supposed to stay for a night only (my last night in Seoul) but something came up with work  (2 days before our flight), I had to cancel my Busan trip and rebook my flight to go to Seoul directly.  My rebooked flight was on the 22nd and I was supposed to be in Busan. And so I ended up with no hotel on my first day in Seoul. Sad.

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Then I instantly thought of Mr Kim and at a split-second, I already had a place to stay! He was so kind and generous enough to accommodate my last-minute request.  I felt really blessed – I didn’t have to worry much about this trip because the universe was actually helping me out a lot.  Also, I was able to have  a detour in Incheon, a replacement for my lost Busan trip.  All thanks to my Korean friend Ilho!

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My First Hanok Experience! | Staying in a Korean Traditional House!
Beautiful ceiling – your view when you lie down on the mattress.

The place is located in Bukchon Hanok Village, Anguk station – Exit 3.  It was totally a unique experience – sleeping on the floor under the roof of a Korean Traditional house and getting up with such a beautiful view.

I stayed here during winter, by the way.  Oh yeah, the roofs were all covered with super white snow!  It was freaking cold but the room had its heater connected to the mattress – oh how I miss the comforting and relaxing feeling of the heat on my back, without me getting all sweaty.  Memories.  Arrggh!  Take me back to Seoul now! Haha.

My First Hanok Experience! | Staying in a Korean Traditional House!
The place is small but cozy!

Note that the Hanok village is still a residential area up until now.  You can see locals walking down the streets of Bukchon.  During my stay, I grabbed the opportunity to roam around the vicinity – the place is only a 10-minute walk from Changdeokgung Palace, a 5-minute walk from Bukchon Traditional Culture Center and a lot more! ♥

I have found a walking tour you can definitely enjoy within this area.  Check it out –  Seoul by Foot: Secret Garden & Bukchon Hanok Village Walking Tour

The moment you step out from the door, you will see a street full of vintage boutiques, stores selling traditional arts and crafts, and a lot of tourists!  You’ll realize you’re too lucky to have found such an accessible place!  You’re too close from all the tourist spots!  Yeah! Lucky me! 🙂


My First Hanok Experience! | Staying in a Korean Traditional House!
Peeking from the other room!
My First Hanok Experience! | Staying in a Korean Traditional House!
Hanok with a modern security lock system!
My First Hanok Experience! | Staying in a Korean Traditional House!
View from the outside
My First Hanok Experience! | Staying in a Korean Traditional House!
I had a big room!












Visit Potluck Stay now and experience living in a Hanok village for FREE!  Thank me by sharing this post! 🙂

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17 thoughts on “My First Hanok Experience! | Staying In A Korean Traditional House!

  1. Thanks for this! Been looking over the web for some cheap hanok accommodation. But this one is gold! FREE! I have booked a ticket for a winter tour in Korea this December. Can you recommend some MUST VISIT places for a week stay? 😀

    1. Sure! Glad that you found this article useful 🙂
      You can check my 7 day itinerary in the itinerary section – personally made and used it when we went there just this January.
      You can also check out another article – 5 things to do in Seoul, under Travel Tips 🙂
      Hope you do enjoy your trip! 🙂

  2. Thanks! This is very useful..we have booked a flight for late october this year and We would love to stay also in a korean traditional house in hanok village.i filled up their application form for potluck stay and hopefully we could stay there for the rest of our vacation…?I mLove vintage,old and traditional stuff too.anyways, Cant wait for their response.

    What app do you use to meet locals? Thank you in advance.

  3. Thanks for sharing this. We Booked a flight for october this year.right after i read your article i signed for potluck stay & hopefully they will accept my application.coz we really want to stay and experience the korean traditional house in hanok village.Btw,what app do use to meet locals?TIA

    1. Glad this post was useful. ?
      Hope you get to stay there too! Excited for you ?
      Btw, I use couchsurfing and travel pal.

  4. I read this post months ago and tried this with my friend. We were granted with 5 days of stay. We just went there last week and enjoyed our stay there.

    Thank you for sharing this. You are such a blessing. God bless you more

    1. Awww I’m really glad this post was useful and to hear you enjoyed your stay there! 🙂
      You are so much welcome! 🙂

  5. Hi! Thank you so much for your sharing. I have just registered and get their confirmation via their website. Do I need to do anything before going to stay there? Or I just need to come on registered date with my passport? They would give us the security lock code when we check in? Im afraid that I could not contact them when I visit Korea. A bit nervous like when you get their confirmation message 😀 Thank you so much again

    1. Hi! You are welcome! Glad that you’ve been accepted. Don’t worry, the owner or the staff will contact you and give you the security lock 🙂

  6. Hihi , I been dying to try hanok stay as well but all of them is so expensive , can you teach me how you get to stay for free? Do you still have mr Kim contact ?

    1. Hi there! You have to register in their site via the link I have provided, then create a profile.
      That easy. Good luck!:)

  7. Hi! This was truly a good read. My friend and I would like to ask if in any case they provided a confirmation email or such for the accommodation? We are a bit worried that the immigration upon departure might ask us for such. Thanks! 🙂

    1. Thanks! Happy that this article was useful. Once your stay has been approved, you can ask Mr Kim of the exact location or address so you should be fine. 🙂 Happy travel!

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