5 Day Hong Kong-Macau Trip!


Hong Kong is made up of several islands and for me, exploring it is more efficient if I spend a day per island. You’ll make the most out of your tour this way, instead of going back and forth to places. And that’s how I came up with my itinerary.


Day 1: Lantau Island

What to expect: A lot of walking! Nature view away from the city!

What to do:
Ride the cable car crystal cabin to have a stunning 360 view of the island! And climb up the stairs (268 steps!) going to the Big Buddha. Sightseeing plus exercise!


Day 2: Kowloon Island


1] Mongkok area

  • Check out Giordano outlet and Sneaker street
  • Stroll around Temple street (old) and Langham place (new)
  • Check out Ladies market and shop for cheap items!
  • Join any Kowloon street food tour
  • Enjoy cheap street food and try the famous bubble tea!  And don’t forget to try the stinky tofu!
  • Experience local life in Sham Shui Po

2. Tsim Sha Tsui (TST)

  • 8 PM light show in Victoria harbour
  • Check out the Avenue of Stars
  • Walk along Nathan road like a local
  • Dine-in at Yum Cha TST
  • Take the star ferry at night and enjoy the scenic view!

What to expect: Lots of walking in a very crowded place, especially during weekends! Suggest you do the strolling during weekdays – it will save you from all the crowd, especially if you get easily dizzy.

What to do: Shopping and food trip! Drugstores and beauty stores are like mushrooms, they’re everywhere! One of the famous beauty shops is Sasa – check it out if for very cheap perfumes and cosmetics like face masks, collagen drink, etc.


Day 3: Hong Kong Island

  • Visit Victoria Peak!  To avoid the long queue in the infamous Peak tram, ride the bus 15 (Central Pier 5) going up then just ride the peak tram going down. This is more efficient, not to mention – you can enjoy an exhilarating bus ride when you go up. Just ensure you sit in the first row and by the window to enjoy the view!
  • Check out the path of Lugard road when you get to Victoria peak and get the nicest view of HK skyline and Victoria Harbour without the obstruction!
  • Enjoy the city tour via the ding ding (tram) ride. The fare is very cheap – only HKD2!
  • Bar hopping in Lan Kwai Fong, a famous dining and nightlife district of expats and tourists.
  • Check out the longest covered escalator (mid-level escalators) and explore the nearby trendy restaurants and stylish boutiques in Soho street.

What to expect: Breath-taking view of Hong Kong skyline and Victoria harbour. Unique urban experience with the ding ding ride and mid-level escalators.

What to do: Shopping in the super malls. Food trip and clubbing in the hippest and stylish restos and bars.


Day 4: Explore the outlying islands


1] Cheung Chau island

  • Stroll around the area. Just chill.
  • Rent a bike and explore the island
  • Enjoy a sumptuous seafood lunch/dinner

2] Lamma island

What to expect: A very countryside pace of life. Quiet and peaceful. Very laidback. A quick escape from the crowded and busy HK island.

What to do: Sunset watching. Seafood dining. Chill.


Day 5: Macau Adventure!

  • Casino hopping in Cotai area.  Don’t forget to visit the Venetian and the Eiffel Tower replica.
  • Check out the Taipa Old Village
  • Visit the Grand Lisboa Hotel & Casino
  • Capture a panoramic view of the Senado Square
  • Admire the remains of St Paul’s Ruins
  • Take a look at the historic Lou Kau Mansion
  • Pay a visit in Saint Dominic’s Church

What to expect: After an hour ferry ride from HK, you’ll feel like you’ve teleported to Europe! Witness a cultural blend of European and Asian influences! Macau vibe feels totally different from HK – less crowd, cleaner, more organized, and much slower-pace of living.

What to do: Church hopping.Casino hopping. European culture immersion. Bungee jumping from Macau tower. Food trip – try out all the give-away samples in the market going to St Paul’s ruins.


I’ve found a city tour bus to aid you in your sightseeing. You might like to check it out as well HERE.

You see, I’m a trash of DIY tours but to be honest, I also get tired and lazy with all the planning and researching. I’ve experienced this myself in Busan.  I didn’t have much time to plan and going out with the locals was also not an option back then for whatever reasons.  Lucky enough, joining a city tour bus which helped me just hop-on and off in the popular destinations saved my whole trip! Truly convenient and very flexible tour offer.

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